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Brief History of Operations

In 1968 Mr. And Mrs. Rose excavated a harbor and canal (which led out to Westmouth Bay) on their property located on the north shore of Harkers Island on Bayview Drive (at that time just a dirt road - and only 2 other families living on Bayview Drive (beyond the present Rose craft Marina operation).

In 1970 Mr. Rose (at the age of 31 ), after much deliberation, resigned from Marine Corps Air Station (Cherry Pt., N.C.) And went into business for himself building the traditional “Harkers Island style” wooden boat. All local boat builders construct boats WITHOUT blueprints - only simple numbers, often sketched on a piece of scrap plywood and nailed to a stud. His boats ranged in size from 16 to 35 feet (some open boats - others with cabins; some designed for outboards - others for marine engines or diesels). Mrs. Rose was employed part-time by NOAA (at Beaufort, 18 miles away) and assisted with the paperwork aspect of this new business.

In the early 1970’s a larger 30 x 64 feet boathouse was added onto the original small (16 X 20 ft.) boathouse so that larger boats could be built. A marine railway was also built (for boat maintenance and repairs).

Several times during the late 1970’s, the 1980’s and the early ‘90’s, the canal and harbor area were enlarged and boat slips were made available in the early 90’s.

Canal entry into harbor

Boat docks and marina

In the late 1980’s boat building ceased, after Mr. Rose had built approximately 60 boats. The demand for wooden boats decreased as demand for fiberglass boats increased (even among some of the locals). The marine railways continued to operate. It was during this period of boat building being on the decline that the Roses gradually went into the vacation rental business, starting off with one mobile home - and a year or so later adding a second wooden structure. Mrs. Rose managed this aspect of the business (while still working part-time for NOAA).

During the early 1990’s the Roses operated a small soft-shell crab shedding operations (operating for about 3-4 consecutive years). Also during the 1990’s they added 2 more vacation rentals. Improvements were made to the property especially during the late 90’s including a public rest room, fish cleaning station, landscaping improvements, etc. For two seasons during the 90’s a passenger ferry operated from the premises to Cape lookout.

Mrs. Rose retired from NOAA in 1995 and devotes much of her time to the vacation rentals, while Mr. Rose maintains the boat slips/docks and vacation rentals - and together they plan and build add-ons/renovations to the units.