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Ready for a great adventure? A kayaking tour of the marshes and wetlands can be a great experience for both novice and pro alike. This is one way of turning a vacation into a great adventure. So please, bring your kayak and experience the Down East area by water while staying at Roses's Vacation Rentals.

The juncture of Westmouth and Eastmouth Bays is near the mouth of the canal leading from Rose's Basin and Vacation rentals. There are lots of winding creeks and marshes here - with calmer waters than you'd find on the south side of the island. It is an ideal location for the novice kayaker - or for those folks who may not have the upper body strength to combat the stronger tides on the south side. Though muddy (be careful), the waters here are quite shallow - so you can sort of pull up alongside a shoaly area and rest.

Kayaks can be rented from:
Chadwick Bros.
(right before getting to Harkers Island Bridge)

*We do not rent kayaks but the Miller Brothers (formerly Chadwick Brothers) on mainland near bridge (about 3 miles away) - rent the kayaks (and will bring them to our vacation rentals for you).