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If you do not receive a response to your e-mail inquiry in a REASONABLE AMOUNT of time (hours....or no more than one day), please CALL ME at:

252 -728-2868

Cell Phone:


No text messages please (only phone calls or e-mails)



Rose's Vacation Rentals is a family oriented business with several completely furnished private rentals .... nestled among shady pines and oaks overlooking Westmouth Bay on the marshy north shore of Harkers Island. Here you can experience Harkers Island as it was decades ago, with the old wooden boats, shrimp trawls and fish nets. The old boathouse (used from 1970-1986) still stands on the property where Mr. Rose built custom-style Harkers Island boats (see Boatworks album). The old marine railways is near the boathouse and is still in use as needed. Fragrant mimosa trees that blossom primarily in June-July are located all throughout the rental property, along with pines and oaks. The "bull pen" (a small 12 ft. square building) out near the harbor is a favorite place for the men to gather, "shoot the bull" (hence its name), and exchange opinions on politics and events of the day.

Prime Season ...

Easter through December 6

Pets ...

NO Pets are allowed inside units. Pets are permitted outside on a leash. If pet carriers are brought, they need to be outside on the porch. Dogs that bark through the night and keep other guests awake will not be permitted to be brought back for future visits.

Alcohol, Drugs, etc ...

While we permit alcohol consumption, we DO NOT sell alcoholic beverages on premises, nor do we permit drunkenness or obnoxious behavior. Also - No drug use, abuse or wild partying. We prefer that those with aberrant (or perverted) sexual lifestyles find lodging elsewhere: this is a family setting. We ask that you dress appropriately. Bikinis for women and men is not fit attire around children.


Help Save Down East ...

During the recent year developers have been encroaching (like vultures), seeking to destroy that which we've held dear for so long. If you have ever been to Harkers Island and like our unique community (especially the way it "has been in the past"), we plead with you to help Down East face this onslaught of developers in the years ahead. One way of helping would be to write the Carteret County Planning Board and voice your opinion on this matter.

Many folks come to this area because it is different. Failure to maintain this uniqueness could be suicide for the tourist industry of our County which caters to those who make repeat yearly weekend or weekly visits. Over development could contaminate our pristine waters and not only adversely affect local commercial fishermen (who depend on it for their livelihood), but also prove detrimental to recreational fishermen as well.

Please make your opinion known however and whenever necessary because further threats to our way of life are imminent.

Thank you for your time